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Here are just a few of the many military heroes the Patriot Empowerment Institute has helped PREPARE, EMPOWER, and SUPPORT during their journey from active-duty back to civilian life.  Click on a name below to learn more about how PEI helped.

Todd Vance

Todd Vance

US ARMY INFANTRY/SPECIAL FORCES   Todd Vance, a distinguished veteran of the US Army’s
Rob Henegar

Rob Henegar

US NAVY CORPSMAN   Rob served for ten years in the US Navy as
Young Oh

Young J. Oh

USMC FORCE RECON   Young J. Oh, a former US Marine Corps Force Recon
Jorge Pintado

Jorge Pintado

US ARMY RANGER – 75th Ranger Regiment Jorge Pintado, a former US Army Ranger,
Ruben Ordonez

Ruben Ordoñez

US MARINE CORPS Ruben Ordoñez, an active-duty Marine Corps Aviation Maintenance specialist, embarked on

Anthony Bunkley

US NAVY CORPSMAN Anthony Bunkley, a former US Navy corpsman, embarked on an extraordinary