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Todd Vance

Todd Vance



Todd Vance, a distinguished veteran of the US Army’s 3rd Stryker Brigade combat unit, is currently the Safety Manager for Patriot General Engineering and the Director of Safety Services for Precision Services Unit specializing in general engineering and utility construction. Armed with a B.A. degree from Point Loma Nazarene, Todd has honed his expertise in various civil engineering domains, including program management, safety audits, compliance, and construction operations. His proficiency extends to contract management, client relations, and budget oversight, ensuring seamless project execution. With a keen focus on safety management and occupational health programs, Todd is instrumental in maintaining the highest standards of safety and compliance within his company’s operations.

In addition to being a spokesperson for the Patriot Empowerment Institute, Vance has dedicated his off-time to his military brothers and sisters by quietly leading a transformative initiative since 2012 to assist military veterans grappling with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Through a non-profit organization he founded named P.O.W. – Pugilistic Offensive Warrior Tactics – Vance has been harnessing the power of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) to provide veterans with a pathway to healing and empowerment. As a former Army squad leader who ran more than 250 combat missions in Iraq, Vance intimately understands the challenges veterans face upon returning to civilian life. “I want to thank the Patriot Empowerment Institute for all they have done for me personally and all they continue to do for our military service members”, Vance stated. ” Where P.O.W. helps instill discipline, build confidence, and foster camaraderie among those suffering from PTSD, PEI helps transitioning military avoid that potential downward spiral by setting them on a course to post-service success.”


Army – 3rd Stryker Brigade Combat Team


Point Loma Nazarene – B.A Social Services

General Engineering Safety
Non-Profit Management